2 Steps Cut To Avoid White Marks

So happen yesterday a friendly customer asks, how not to leave a white marks on the parts we cut. Here is some photo on the 2 steps cut I normally practices.

Below are some guide I share with him yesterday.

Just share with all here, hope may help someone.


First cut, remove the part from the runner. Make sure you leave some runner left over on the part.


After you cut it out, you should see the left over of the runner stays on the part like this...

After the part totally out from the runner then only you start the 2nd cut.
Why we need to do that? Basically, to do 2 steps cut it gives us a better angle to tackle the part. Because of the part is still attached to the runner, sometimes it will limit our cutter angle to reach the best position to cut it out. Hence, if we cut directly from the runner, possibly, we may cut at a bad angle and force the cutter to remove the part from the runner and hence the force resulted in white mark on the part.

Cutting the 2 cut only after the part is totally remove from the runner. That will give a free angle to tackle the remaining runner at it best.

If you could afford premium cutter like God Hand SPN-120, you may use it for the 2nd cut. That will reduce your touch up work later.


After your 2nd cut, if you still see some left over on the part, it is easier to remove the remaining using an artknife, those with 45° blade is the best, otherwise any pen knife will do.
Slowly slide the artknife on the nubmarks, sribe off the excess. Please becareful not to deepen and accidentally cut into the part.


Once you down and satisfied with the outcome, then it is done. 


Trim down further if you are not happy with it, and view from far if it is acceptable.

Usually if you are going to airbrush, that will give you a good advantage to hide those nubmarks even better! wink