[Gundam Gang] HG Great Mazinger (MAZINGER Z: INFINITY Ver.)
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The Great Mazinger, which appeared in "The Movie Mazinger Z / INFINITY" published in 2018, became three-dimensional on 1/144 scale. The total height is about 185 mm. Mechanical Designer Mr. Yanase Yasuyuki fully comprehensively reproduces thoroughly the proportions and characteristic details in the play with completely new modeling. Equipped with joint parts made of KPS material that makes it possible to reproduce the intense action scenes in the play. It is possible to reproduce the scene in the movie without changing the image of the movie with abundant optional parts such as "Right hand for Thunder Break" and "Double Mazinger Blade". It is possible to reproduce the flight scene with the attached scramble dash and display base.[INCLUDED ACCESSORIES]Scramble dash × 1 Mazinger bl ade × 2 Hand Part x 6 (Thunder Break Reproduction Hand Right Handshake Hand Right Wea pon Hand Hand Right Hand Grip Hand Left Right) Display base x 1[CONTENTS]Molded parts × 13 Sticker x 1 Instruction manual x 1